Insurance Coverage

The college provides insurance that covers faculty, staff, and students traveling on college sanctioned trips and provides limited coverage for deviations or personal side trips that may accompany college affiliated travel.

International SOS

International SOS is the college’s trusted partner and international security concierge.  International SOS is the primary point of contact for any emergency that occurs while traveling on behalf of the college to include medical emergencies or evacuations.  Registering your trip as described on the Trip Registration page with MyTrips ensures that International SOS is aware of your travel and you receive the appropriate contact information should you need their support while traveling.

International SOS can also support you prior to a trip with information about security concerns, preferred housing accommodations and general guidance about traveling safely to certain locales.  The International SOS support desk can be reached by calling 1-215-942-8226.  Simply identify yourself as associated with Williams College.

Business Travel and Accident Insurance

The College does provide insurance for accidents that may occur while traveling that result in injuries.  This insurance is provided by Zurich American Insurance Company.  Should an emergency or injury occur, International SOS should be contacted.  Zurich has delegated authority to International SOS for managing benefits under the plan.  For more information, the plan summary provides detail on the coverage.

Health Insurance Coverage

Faculty, staff, and students who are enrolled in a college sponsored health plans are covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield while traveling abroad for routine medical maintenance as well as emergency medical events, if the trip duration is less than 180 days.

If you are not enrolled in a college sponsored health plan, then please contact your health insurance provider to confirm your coverage while traveling abroad.

The College has also purchased emergency medical insurance for all faculty, staff, and students to include spouses and dependents in case the individual’s health insurance coverage lacks support.  This coverage is provided for emergency medical situations only and is secondary to the individual college sponsored health plan coverage or individual health care coverage each traveler has.

Personal Travel / Deviations

If you are planning any personal travel as part of your college travel itinerary, please notify the Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration so that insurance coverage can be confirmed.  Personal travel as part of a sanctioned college related trip will be covered by the college’s insurer if it is less than 7 days in duration, would not have been taken if not for the planned college related travel, and is taken during the course of the college related travel.