Purchasing Consortiums

The College belongs to the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC). The MHEC has negotiated contracts with a wide variety of vendors offering a tremendous range of products. To see a listing of product categories, go to http://private.mhec.net/ListContractsProdCats.asp?sort=Category. To see a listing of all the vendors by various contracts, go to http://private.mhec.net/ListContractsVendors_va.asp.

The College also belongs to the Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing consortium (E&I). This consortium is similar to the MHEC, but may have different vendors and purchasing contracts. To see a listing of E&I vendors, go to https://www.eandi.org/suppliers/ To see a listing of E&I contracts go to https://www.eandi.org/contract-navigator.

If there is a vendor or contract that you would like more information on OR if you want to know how to use the contracts, please contact Tim Reisler at Timothy​.J.Reisler​@Williams.edu , or at ext. 3319 or Bob Harris at bsh2​@williams​.edu , or at ext. 2145.