Contracts & Guidelines

Purchasing Consortiums

The college belongs to the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC). The MHEC has negotiated contracts with a wide variety of vendors offering a tremendous range of products.

The college also belongs to the Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing Consortium (E&I).  Similar to the MHEC, E&I may have different vendors and purchasing contracts. To see a listing of E&I vendors, click here. To see a listing of E&I contracts, click here.



Tim Reisler in the Facilities Department is responsible for writing contracts for all manner of purchasing of services or of materials. If you need to purchase either services or materials and are not sure if you need a contract or not, contact Tim Reisler or at ext. 3319. He can help you with knowing if a contract is necessary and can assist with the actual writing of the contract.